ok so we’ve all been tamed… it’s not just me

street12street6streetstreet5street17 street16 street15 street13  street11 street10 Paris Fashionweek ss2015 day 7, outside Chanel street8 street7   street4  street2

so aside from anna dello russo and giovanna battaglia the streets of pfw were quite neutral and extremely wearable- in fact i can mimic a good number of these outfits from my very own closet. i’ve been feeling pretty uninspired these days- even glitter can’t seem to get me going- it’s been a striped button front shirt with rolled sleeves, front tucked into denim with perhaps the excitement of a blazer kinda mood. perhaps it’s like how we never think the music/snl/arts of our time is good enough- maybe we just embrace the simplicity of it all and rather than thinking we’ve run out of ideas encourage the art in the details and realize that this minimalist approach is the trend- at least in the end we’ll have a good number of suede pumps, fine sweaters, and great white shirts to base our potentially more over the top movements.