counting sheep

by jolevitan

sheep24 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsheep23 sheep21 sheep19 sheep18 sheep17 sheep15 sheep13 sheep12 sheep11 sheep10 sheep9 sheep8 sheep7 sheep6 sheep5 sheep3 sheep2

my mom used to give me the pleasure of redecorating my bedroom via ikea every couple of years. each time i would grab a new sheepskin to cozy my feet when i hopped out of bed. i guess my love for these little scraps is everlasting. my belief is that just as scarves one can never have too many rugs- you will always find a place, be it layered, over a chair, or waiting in the closet for a rainy day decor facelift. i stopped myself from buying a charcoal gray sheepskin yesterday and have regretted it ever since- it was vintage- and a little rough around the edges (that was the determining factor.) regardless i’d like to start recollecting these little fragments of joy.