by jolevitan

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i remember the first time i laid eyes on her. i was in a decor store with my mom, and she winked at me from the back of a chair. at this point i was completely adverse to spending anytime in a store that didn’t dress the body- i was stunned at my yearning for a piece of furniture. i proudly proclaimed to my mom “i love that chair, i want it.” fast forward to yesterday and i was in ashley’s with a big fat credit leftover from my wedding, i found myself wishing they carried fornasetti plates- i yearn for lina cava­lieri’s (piero fornasetti’s muse, the girl featured on many of the designer’s wares) gaze  assembled on my kitchen wall. for an unknown reason i feel slightly self conscious about this adoration- perhaps because it seems so typical, overused… but she speaks to me- those eyes.