the da vinci code

by jolevitan

davinci4vincivinci5566 nextekvinci771vinci5255 vinci1100  vinci771 copy vinci722  vinci661 vinci634  davinci565 davinci221 davinci111  davinci3

hanging an old portrait essentially feels like your haunting your own house. but old spirits aren’t all bad- right? My mom has this portrait of a woman that eerily resembles herself- it was her mother’s, yet not a portrait of her mother- i think it was purchased because the piece was a  co incidental look-alike. my siblings and i have always made a correlation between this painting and the mona lisa- she was always watching over us in the dining room, following our every move. one day she shall hang in my sister rebecca’s home (she called dibs) and i’m interested to see how she will display her majesty, adorned in gold framing.