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roost home furnishings

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i had the visual delight of entering the tkees office a while back. they’re space is decorated in exactly the type of setting you’d like to kick off your cocobutter flip flops at the end of a long sunshine filled day- if the rays are barren the california, whited out, boho vibes may help you forget that. i immediately zeroed in on a rug and was informed it was purchased at roost home furnishings. this prompted my search- which showed few results (especially in the rug department.) what i did find was that the designers use natural and vintage materials to craft their goods, keeping most of them in their raw state, lots of wood, stones, jutes, neutrals-with the ambition to keep their environmental footprint small. It will be a must stop for me next time i’m in LA.

i said furrrrrr… it’s cold in here

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sorry to say… but honesty being the best policy- it’s the only f-ing thing that’ll keep us warm. also- if you wear a canada goose you’ve lost your argument- maybe a lot less of it, but coyote fur none the less. i could seriously get down with these long plush beauties.

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