the regime

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because emily weiss hasn’t come knocking… i figured i’d offer up my untended to, hand me down rich, most likely expired beauty routine. starting from the top, 1. i brush my hair 90 times a day in place of showering, although a bit of a splurge the mason pearson brush is the ultimate grooming tool, 2. i recently read that by 30 one must find their scent, i’m loving le labo’s santal, although am starting to smell it a little too often and may have to jump ships soon, 3. kevin murphy resort spray smells like coconuts and gives that needed bit of grit to the locks, 4. i love a good tan but try to keep my face out of the sun, nars in casino is my go to bronzer (matte and sparkle free, an absolute must,) 5. kiehl’s creme de corps is very helpful for my ridiculously dry skin, 6. kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer is the sole step that i never skip, 7. vaseline is my religion, i shmear it on my lips in place of lip balm, at night i dab massive globules all over my mouth so that i wake up with velvety kissers, 8. unfortunately/fortunately i received rodin face oil as a gift, put it on at night and you’ll wake up born again, 9. i use bobbi brown espresso shadow as eyeliner, brow filler, rarely an actual eyeshadow- it’s my trying to step it up, night out go-to, 10. because life without red lipstick is a life less lived i have a bunch, i tend to like reds with blue undertones, nars in cruella is pretty perfect. i rarely use mascara, and when i do i tend to regret it- not because it looks bad, but because i feel it, and i hate feeling crud on my face- ergo i tend to make the lips the focus. that’s it, that’s all.