the freehand miami

by jolevitan

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my ultimate stay in miami is at the standard hotel- to switch things up my husband and i decided to stay at the freehand hostel for a couple of nights. i believe this kind of boutique hostel is the new wave- shared rooms along with privates, trendy restaurant, happening bar with well studied mixologists. our room feels a bit like a boiler room, but the modern furnishings, white linens, strategically chosen book selection, retro bathroom tile- are helping us put the concrete echoing walls in the back of our minds. beyond our room, the atmosphere is delightful, little sitting nooks, saltwater pool the temp of a babies bath, young happy people, fantastic music. if you’re more into a luxe stay- maybe pass on sleeping here- but check out the broken shaker (the hotel’s bar) for delicious drinks or their new restaurant 27. all in all we are loving the vibe.