being jo

when things look the way i feel

the painted hide by avo

avo4avo9AVOavo avo3  avo5 avo6 avo8

trnk nyc posted one of these rugs on their instagram the other day and it caught my eye immediately. i am particularly crazy over the black and brown version (pic 2.) they are made out of brooklyn by avo… pretty exceptional.

hanging lights at new heights

low10low low2 low3 low4 low5 low7 low8 low9  low11  low14 low15 low16 low18 light low20

i was in a clothing store yesterday and amidst the display was a super modern table with an extremely low hanging massive chandelier hung so low practically sat on the centre of the table. Later, I drove by a design store and noticed to asymmetrically hung light fixtures almost grazing the floor. although both for display purposes, and not so functional for actual living, it sparked my intrigue. i like the idea of a big light fixture hung low in a not so traffic heavy area of the home, over tables or against walls always being a good choice. i’ll suggest the higher the ceiling, the lower the furniture the easier the look is to pull off.

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