the theory of attraction- a denim story

by jolevitan

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AMO denim guys. i swear it… i’ve thunk up and drafted this company, never wanting to create it myself. i haven’t felt this way about a jean since i put on my first pair of manager bells at lunatic fringe in the 90s. i truly feel as though i’ve met my soulmate in denim. here’s the thing.. i like a real jean looking jean, anything on the verge of legging (too much stretch,) and i’m out, too soft, and it looks like there’s room for two after a 5 minute sit down. until my new founding i’ve settled on current elliot- all while knowing my rear could do a bit better. i love these for their vintage inspired washes, i adore the true jean fabric, and i’m grateful for their ever so slight but useful amount of stretch, i admire their discreet unbranded nature, and i trust that they are built to last. their opening season is made up of five solid styles- the one flaw is perhaps i could do without the rips (too many scarring foot through the hole moments in my last decade,) but every relationship has it’s obstacles. they are tough to get your hands on and are selling out fast, following is the polyvore link to some online shops that still have some in stock