the death of the bally yoga pant

by jolevitan

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i’ve had the same 2 pair of lulu leggings for years- balled to an unrecognizable luon, towel remnant infested… and frankly, never seemed to care. as spring/summer materializes at shops there is an overwhelming amount of rethunk, inspired athletic wear, perhaps some credit to be given to alexander wang. some of it being sort of 50 shades of fit (michi nyc) with mesh inserts and bondage like sports bras, others tech layering (vpl.) with intermix, barney’s, etc. devoting entire sections to the trend- it’s safe to presume fit girls are steppin it up at the gym. lulu is not getting lost in the race- last week i updated with a plum colored techy loose fitting top, and a fresh new pair of ankle length leggings- have to say, i think the modern makeover upped my energy- or at the very least my look five hours post gym, when i’d still failed to change.