trade your lace for base

by jolevitan

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i’ve come to the conclusion that hanky panky has become the canada goose of undergarment- those lacy thongs, or a variation of , are worn by the good, bad, ugly- tweens, elders, etc. i am victim myself- it’s just hard to find underwear that rivals the HP comfort/flattery. as of late, i started moving towards soft cotton- i mean lace should not be an everyday material, especially not when it gets balled up, and really, they’re looking a little juvenile to me. I love base range undergarments and loungewear. natural fibers, soft, minimal, neutral- seems like a natural extension to layer underneath if you’re a no frills kinda gal. everything from the cami’s, bra’s, tee’s, undies are hitting the mark for me. also, the bathing suits look sensational- i particularly like the black and white one piece, and would order it immediately BUT i heard this little fun fact the other day: you have more chance of getting killed on the way to picking up your winning lottery ticket than actually winning… translation: the chances of my package getting lost in the mail are greater than a one piece arriving and meeting my fit satisfaction… but i still kinda wanna.