you’ll know whatcha got when it’s gone

by jolevitan

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my husband and i recently sold our condo with no deciphered point b. it brought things right into perspective. with family members opening up corners in their basements for our valued goods, you better bet every item went through an austere cross-examination. all the stuff we sold, gave away, trashed, increased the value to every thought out item we held onto. granted, i like materials just as much, if not more than the rest of ’em… my blog being an outlet for my appreciation of the items i want, like, or  pick up along the way- however, i do believe we should know what we own, appreciate what we own… not be caught up on the amount that we own, exercise more commitment and live with less, but more of what you love…. and ALWAYS love your puppy more than every thing you have multiplied by a million.