le spread

by jolevitan

plathttp://honestlyyum.com/9875/homemade-lox/ like how friggin’ yum does this look?

food7 https://www.giadaweekly.com/view/645fae7232385e5cb1c937b0d5b8f0f0  drop dead platter by heirloom LA- check out link for some great platter building tips.platter90http://jackswifefreda.com/ love their casual food presentation, their instagram has lured me into trying it for the first time when i’m in NY next week.

my husband and i have been binge watching the chef’s table on netflix. the series is soo amazing- really presents the world renowned chef’s as the artists that they are. with mom’s day coming up this weekend i figure some folk are throwing big meal get togethers- perhaps these photo’s will inspire. also, tough to build without the vessel- i love a good massive wood plank of any kind.