a weekend in new york

i just had a super fun weekend in new york- wasn’t ready to leave… here’s some of my highlights.

the whitney museum just opened it’s brand new location in the meatpacking- quite an amazing building, filled with an incredible collection of american art. i loved the outdoor breaks between floors, the ease of the location, and was pretty obsessed with the raw wide plank floors throughout. below are snaps of some of my favourite pieces.

IMG_4199IMG_4193IMG_4158 IMG_4192IMG_4160IMG_4186 IMG_4197 IMG_4169 IMG_4171 IMG_4172

we ate at a whole bunch of delicious places but my new staple is jack’s wife freda (along with pretty much everyone else it seems.)  we went to the one on lafayette for dinner (very well known for the brunch, lineup supposedly get’s insano on the weekends.) i’d go for any meal- prices are great, food great, service great, menu pleases all, unfussy effortlessly cool crowd. i will undoubtably go back and back and back.

jack's2Jack's Wife Freda  jack's3last time i was in ny i raved about the steven alan annex store- which i went to, and still remains a must hit. where i actually pulled the trigger was creatures of comfort- fawkin love this place. bonus: while in line i heard my friend gawking over someone and telling them how much she adored their show (i being shy around those i admire tend to not say much… i turned my head nerves abrew) it was ABBI from broad city… she inquired about the shirt i bought (which i agreed was fabulous, isabel khaki colored little house on the prairie number) and then my soda water exploded in my purse and puddles of water followed my friend and i out of the store.

creatcreatures obv hit the isabel marant store…ten years later… still gotta. frankly, found the pieces i needed at creatures, but am happy to report the flag halyard chair (of the moment)  by hans wegner is comfort approved- my want and love for this lounger made the clothing seem so affordable.


for the men save khaki is the shiznot. delicious cottons, simple palette, sober prices, if you’re a casual unassuming dude this is the place for you- and if you’re a patient female partner of this dude, gift yourself a french terry sweatshirt (they come in xs.)


we went to go see hedwig and the angry inch. i was sort of expecting more confetti, vintage gaga worthy costumes, and a whole lot of singing- there was some of that, also a heart wrenching story, quite heavy, bring a kleenex. but i cannot get this one song out of my head-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5V7_PSD4Schedwig