good morning friday

by jolevitan

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Milan Fashion Week September 2009 DANIELA GREGIS Ready to Wear Spring/Summer  2010


my life as of right now is a little farmisht. living in florida over the summer takes some soul searching, and rebuilding- whole nother crew than the winter set. regardless, i’ve found myself finding unity at my local flywheel (a spin studio.) happy to report i have gained a few “hey, how are you” standing dates. the teacher refers to us as a group by day of week “c’mon friday, you got this,” “friday, this is where your inner athlete comes out,” “looking good friday.”it works, ya know, i think this is a universally used theme- my past instructors have done the same- and i feel it… my name is replaced with a day and i’m all like- yes, tuesday will show you… i got this.