the soho beach (home) house

by jolevitan

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this past weekend for our anniversary sam and i checked into the soho beach house. our beloved standard was at an all time high rate- we decided to switch things up. as an outsider (non-member/non hotel guest) i have just sort of stayed away, aside from the occasional drink, a new years… a dinner at cecconi’s. we arrived, made our way to the club bar for lunch and were greeted by tamara (a house manager…) later to the rooftop at ocho where we had some spicy tequila drinks and mexican yummies, with a backdrop of perfectly groomed humans uninhibitedly dancing to funk, tamara reappearing coaching our waitress to take good care of us. Then down to the pool for a lounge, a few more of those spicy little cocktail numbers… and up to the cowshed spa for steam and freshening with an abundance of truly delightful products. For dinner we went to mandolin beach (unbeatable greek/turkish,) whole fish, octo, a stones throw from the ocean, twinkling little string lights… and tamara, nine hours later, sending over champagne. next day pretty much repeat with some beach bumming between. i loved how varied the experience felt- so many little pockets to discover within one- all done in exquisite taste- literally not A ONE detail unthunk. upon checkout we grievously handed in our little seafoam cards of entry… assuring ourselves we will come back… we have found what we’d like to call our home away from home. we met fantastic people, shazammed numerous tunes, were aesthetically inspired, enthused at the prospect of our floridian future- and achieved the feeling of being so far away. for those who like eclectic, artistic, bohemian luxury, in an intimate setting, with a vibrant crowd- i strongly urge you to check into the soho beach house… and if you’re local, memberships offer all that good stuff mentioned above plus a ton of really great fitness, art, culinary, film screening, theme parties, etc. to fill your social calendar.