cottage days: boxers as a casual short

by jolevitan

box2boxers3box22box222 box333  boxers4

yes i remember when this was a thing- i showed up to my first day of camp one year in a pair of joe boxer’s emblazoned with smiley faces (with a matching crop top that spoke “wild child.”) i often laugh at the irony of this outfit, that summer i sobbed my way into an early release date. i was also in NO shape to be wearing a crop top, and was way over due in exercising the use of a training bra. they say things always come back around, i say yes- but as a younger, fresher cousin. consider the boxer, breathable, forgiving, economical, adjustable (roll for a low rider, or my preferred hike for a high waist.) wang tested the waters a few seasons back, pairing them with a long men’s button down… dug it then, dig it now. this rendition remains unbranded, no tommy shout outs a la aaliyah. simple, crisp, whites, light blues, faded black’s will do. if i were on a dock, with a pony neck in hand, i’d jack a pair from my man and rejoice in the freedom from the shackles of the denim short. take it from day to night… pair ’em with a salt and pepper classic sweatshirt and ballerinas when the sun goes down.