is produce trending?

by jolevitan

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#eattherainbow #whatveganseat #plantpower #cleaneats #rawtill4 … you get it. maybe one’s instagram feed is a direct reflection of their personal interests- however bias (with my devotion and adoration of produce,) i argue that the #vegansofig (vegans of instagram) are pretty much forming a religion with the most dedicated following. you’ll find more variations of chia puddings than kim k’s ass- and in the insta world- this means biz. i for one prefer to crunch my way through a garden of organics, no shortage of others vitamixing their gatherings- regardless of how you consume thy harvest, unless you hit the bar (the juice bar obv.) your kitchen, like mine, is constantly replenished with an abundance of colorful product. from a visual standpoint- why not embrace such natural beauty? i have a massive shallow wooden bowl filled with my treasures, it sits on my counter, at times, so lush, it doubles as a centrepiece. a diy, made-to-measure, edible arrangement, if you will. all the pics above are clipped from wright kitchen their pics make me smile, and inspire me to become a better at home food stylist. follow them on instagram @wrightkitchen.