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built for sitting

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when i was in greece i stayed in this house on a tiny island called hydra. upon first entrance i was filled with curiosity and awe as to how the architect built all the little nooks for living within the house. beds were built in, kitchen, sofas, from what i remember most furniture in general was part of the structure. i think it’s an interesting space solution, have seen it mostly in bench style outdoors, but i like the idea of taking it inside, a sofa in a den, a sectional in a living room, a reading nook in a bedroom, could give a space a touch of european vacation home feel- with chic casual customization.

Michelle Williams for LV

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my home skillet jenn just turned my attention to the new LV campaign. i’ve been loving michelle williams in this spot since it began. styled by carine roitfeld, shot by peter lindbergh- holy stunning. i have been in contemplation as to how i will transition from pixie to long hair (when the time comes, not yet.) michelle williams has grown out oh so gracefully, and though my locks will never have that wisp, she’s a strong contester as my grow-out muse. also, amazing makeup, i wanna be blond just to have a natural dark brow, with a touch of root.

i sneezed on the beat- for your listening pleasure

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.53.05 PM

i butcher songs and playlists. when it feels good i take every last drop. this playlist “broken toe” has been on the loop for a couple of weeks now- as i recover i’m slowly gettin’ my dancing feet back. top down windows up- hope you enjoy.

good morning friday

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Milan Fashion Week September 2009 DANIELA GREGIS Ready to Wear Spring/Summer  2010


my life as of right now is a little farmisht. living in florida over the summer takes some soul searching, and rebuilding- whole nother crew than the winter set. regardless, i’ve found myself finding unity at my local flywheel (a spin studio.) happy to report i have gained a few “hey, how are you” standing dates. the teacher refers to us as a group by day of week “c’mon friday, you got this,” “friday, this is where your inner athlete comes out,” “looking good friday.”it works, ya know, i think this is a universally used theme- my past instructors have done the same- and i feel it… my name is replaced with a day and i’m all like- yes, tuesday will show you… i got this.

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