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Olive Jars

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While I should be researching mattresses… I digress. Prior to having a home I was roaming around and came upon antique olive jars. I ran my hands along one of the large voluptuous beauties and felt an instant connection. I love them in the garden, the bathroom, grouped in corners. So beautiful, looking to collect a few of my own.

the sculptural side table

cube cube2 cubee Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.08.20 AMdrum   side4 side5 side6 side34 side44 Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.06.50 AMside3311side87 side501    side6152 side9900 sidee stoool

cubes, drums, abstract form- love the stool/side table movement. i’m particularly into those made from natural materials like stone, wood, cement. love them on their own or in a mini cluster, mixing and matching different materials and sizes is a pretty good look. haven’t come up with exactly how but it sparks the diy lightbulb, or perhaps the idea of using something not conventionally thought of as a table, AS a table. check out andrianna shamaris, and amma studio for some of my favorites.

built for sitting

built3  built4 built5built51 built7 built10 built2019builtinbuilt16seat5

built14 built15built11seat5 copy   built91 built192 built711 built1122   seat seat2

when i was in greece i stayed in this house on a tiny island called hydra. upon first entrance i was filled with curiosity and awe as to how the architect built all the little nooks for living within the house. beds were built in, kitchen, sofas, from what i remember most furniture in general was part of the structure. i think it’s an interesting space solution, have seen it mostly in bench style outdoors, but i like the idea of taking it inside, a sofa in a den, a sectional in a living room, a reading nook in a bedroom, could give a space a touch of european vacation home feel- with chic casual customization.

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