my ever evolving relationship with the bf

dance dance2 dance3 dance4 dance5 dance7 dance8 dance21 dance49BALLL dance50 dance72 dance82 dance89 dance510

chatting about shoes with a friend on a floating house this past 4th of july, she asked “so what shoe do you want?” my response, “honestly if i were in cool girl mode, i’d probably hit up the local dance store and grab a character/jazz shoe in a flesh tone, pair it with a comey like culottes, tie on a neckie, and call it a day.” seems there are a few categories going on, all related in my mind to the ballerina flat (“bf” a longtime forever trusted go-to in the shoe department, your best friend in footwear.)

the secretarial bf: it’s got a block heel, an elongated round toe, worn by the girls for the girls. see the roberta heel.

the sweet mary jane bf: reminiscent of the ruby slippers sans jewels. often ironically placed with more masculine attire offsetting their hyper girly aesthetic. see valentino mary jane pumps.

the japanese modern bf: elongated round like the secretarial bf, heel free, hides any sign of toe cleavage. see martiniano glove shoe.

the pointed lace up bf: best for those women who feel they’ve lost their mojo when shelfing the heels. pointy, edgy, with an ultra thin gladiator meets black swan lace up. see aquazzura lace-up flats.

this is not to say the tried and true repetto type is out (just like a birk, even when it’s not so in your face it’s still always right and needed.) i’ve already gone japanese modern, and plan to try my hand at the secretarial for fall, perhaps in suede. regardless, throughout my analysis i’ve come to believe the stiletto is just not as relevant right now.