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with winter on the way… turkey or tofurkey (have to be inclusive) on the menu… seems appropriate to discuss all of these flippin gorgeous ranges imported from Europe. They may blow your entire kitchen reno budget- but can you really put a price on good old fashioned home cookin’ prepared in high style? My Pinterest board for kitchen decor is called “i’d cook.” With one of these bad boys at my disposal, I’d be armed with ladles, hair pinned, apron on, hungry mouths ready to feed all around. For retro varieties see AGA Ranges, for a classic serious cooker check out Lacanche.

newsprint and vegan oreos

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I like boiled whitefish, my hips are tight, and am an avid crossworder. Maybe I’m hardwired in dog years? To get the crossword, I’ll do most anything. I subscribed to the Toronto Star solely for the purpose of puzzling, trashing the rest, and reading other publications online, I’ve noted coffee shops in other cities where I can sit and synonymize with the purchase of one everlasting espresso shot, I’ve considered brokering deals with my neighbour whereby I purchase their day old papers at a discounted price, and I’ve stolen… When I was living in my in-laws golf community, I took the crossword out of a few papers that piled up in the driveway of a house across the street (they must have been away, there was about a week’s worth)- in other words I thieved the elderly’s sport right from their property- let’s call this rock bottom. Stores sell papers. Seems like a rip off. They sell books of them- absolute no. Printers and internet an option too- blugh, that’s like telling Keith Richard’s to play guitar hero. Having one puzzle a day is the only way to expand my brain and force myself to complete, I need the crunch of the newspaper beneath the blade of my hand, and a felt tip pen (pencils are for non committal rookies.) I have been crossword free for a few days now… Time to get back in the game.

p.s. FYI Oreo’s are Vegan- chew on that… mentally, not physically. Unbelievable how one can misconstrue the way in which to achieve Beyonce’s ass.

The Apartment by The Line: Melrose Place

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My fave uninhabited apartment has opened up shop in Melrose Place. Style and interior design savant’s are probably familiar with the Apartment by The Line in Soho. A meticulously curated space by uber chic stylist Vanessa Traina Snow, and creative director Melanie Glass. All shop-able, from the Acne sweaters that hang in the closets, Assouline books strategically stacked on the coffee table, Le Labo candles that scent the foyer, Mid-Century seating, sheepskin throws… it’s all for sale. In a world where ‘good taste’ is a viable credential, the Apartment stands for just that- draws out precisely how the successful modern woman with a fine tuned eye would live… down to her skivvies.

i follow you

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I follow @carolinedemaigret on instagram. If you don’t already- check out her ‘shameless self promotion diary.’

have some folkin’ fun

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Men's Fashionweek Milan 2015, day 3

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clothing designer vita kin took traditional ukranian garb, added a touch of 70s inspo, and brought it into modern context. leandra, anna, giovanna- all the gals were wearing these magically intricate dresses this past summer- wouldn’t be surprised if they continue them through fall with a turtle neck underneath. love the colors, love the craftsmanship… def feeling the top with denim, and could probly go on vacation with the ground sweeping dress being my sole outfit option. so dang bang on. check out vita kin instagram for more photos… and if ya want one… get in line, some of the styles take three weeks to make, limited pieces are available on matches and net-a-porter.

a quaint escape

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i saw this great little fire island cottage on remodelista. i seriously love cottaging- no travel journey is yet to match the feeling i get from chilling with fam and friends in the wilderness. regardless of it being unrealistic, i’m not pining for a mega cottage- for the most part i look at boathouses and assume that amount of space would suffice. i love seeing projects like this on a dime- still done in good taste, working with what you got, freshened up with some white paint, spending on a few key details. i think this couple did a beautiful job, check out the link to remodelista for full deets, and more photos.

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