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today i feel like wearing… buttons in the front

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i was in the ag store a few days ago having a look at the alexa chung collection for fall- my takeaway- a 70’s inspired front-button skirt- pretty nice. it was a big trend for spring, and i like the more 50’s full version for summer- i’m thinking a mini (or midi,) maybe suede, with tights, and a tucked ribbed pullover, could be a fun throwback for fall… … if i had a gingham prairie like rendition, i’d throw it on today with my tight white tee (it was $15 at the gap, so soft, great fit, been wearing it with everything, nice departure from the loose and flowy tees that dominate my cotton toppers, go get one..) grab my straw bag, slip into my martiniano glove ballerinas, and unbutton for some leg action.

70’s on the street

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while shuffling through the FFW15 street pics i came across and exorbitant amount of 70’s inspired garb: fringe, suede, patchwork, higher waists, silk scarves, plaid, snakeskin, go go boots, a rainbow of browns, and rusty orange. i happen to love the palette of this era, and will have no problemo infusing my wardrobe with a little more suede. peel your vintage eyes if you’re skilled in this department- just because phoebe cut that celine cloth doesn’t mean the real thing isn’t out there. look out for: vintage skin bags, scarves aplenty, fringed goodies, belted coats.

dare i say platform?

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as podiatrist’s around the globe count there benjamin’s based on bunion damage control (thanks manolo bb) the fashion crowd seems to be reconsidering the platform. i’ll tell ya… the arch of my foot is begging for a break- aaand with a little help from these lifts new heights are within reach. i know they look kinda wrong- and i’m not saying the pointy pump is long gone, but i think a 70s soaring moment has a time and place, i know most men hate these but, you try an uncushioned, deep dip, toe hammering shoe for two years and counting.

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