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mo hair mo warmth

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some mohair, some angora- very similar, one comes from a rabbit, the other a goat. regardless they keep you straight up warm- almost too warm. i’m noticing alot of black pilled up mohair coats and am loving the grungy (had this old thing forever) appeal. these hairy knits add beautiful texture amidst winter layers. acne has embraced and nailed the trend. as of now i’m on the hunt for a fuzzy toque (beanie for yanks) the head can never be too heated.


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sometimes i go tunnel vision. as of late i don’t know if i can survive this coming fall without a few acne sweaters. The marled wools, and oversized knits are dead. on. forget vince, j crew won’t do, the zara knockoff materials make my skin angry- there’s no negating this one- i believe if i had my very own i’d wear it day and night. i picture the long open cardigan (raya) over a thin turtle neck with jeans and pointy pumps- i’ll also acneed a pullover of some sort. the prices are relatively high but if i uniform myself in them doesn’t that justify the wardrobe debt? i could close my sweater cold case for an expansive period of time.

acne shearling


this coat has been around for a couple of seasons now and i am still feeling it. my favourite colour is the mossy brown with grey sheepskin. i’ve been avoiding trying it on for over a year now because i know i won’t be able to resist it. i’m a little hesitant about the dropped waist belt situation, but maybe i’m just telling myself that so i can forgo the coat. it looks so cozy, and seems like the obvious answer for a canadian (me) who is denied the privilege of throwing on their coolifying leather biker jacket for six months out of the year.

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