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sayonara stan- the invasion of the superstar

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it’s been the year of stanmania- sold out, grand slam. they’ve become such an obvious choice, naturally the style set are onto the next throwback- this time the superstar. my ever so stylish friend was in copenhagen taking notes, and informed me that the danes have officially shelved their stan’s for star’s. i did have these… i remember putting on my squeaky clean ducky like sneakers with my wool socks and a pair of salt and pepper sweats. i believe it was during the period when i was forced to buy shoes a size too big for room to grow- my feet looked massive, the white was blinding, i felt like a platypus, and i hated them. They were promptly shoved to the back of my closet. because of this scarring experience i’m not sure if i myself will be jumping on this wagon- but they’re starting to look better than i remember. i’m thinking the gazelle may be the way to go, a little more delicate, a good worked in suede… regardless- i’m no financier but if you were ever going to invest in adidas stock…

all day i dream about stan’s



i got super excited when i heard about the rerelease of stan’s for women in january. they’re the perfect androgynous timeless sneaker. this evening i decided i was going to order a pair but can’t seem to find them online- i don’t want to miss the mark on this- my love for stan’s is authentic, i’ve periodically popped my head into adidas stores for years just to be certain the smallest men’s size is too big for my feet. where oh where can i order some stan’s? i want ’em stat.

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