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baby hues



when i was in new york over the weekend i stopped in at jeffrey’s in the meatpacking (pretty much a gallery of all things amazing.) my justification to my ever patient man partner is that by going into stores where most pieces are beyond reach, along with beyond perfect, i will then be underwhelmed by the more economical options, thus saving us money… unless of course, there is that rare occurrence of wham bam i need you m’am supremacy. this time around jeffrey’s was having a major sale, i headed straight for the shoe rack, heart pounding as i saw red 2’s leading most of the price tags. i picked up a pair of baby blue patent manolo bb’s and shoved my foot right in- oh goodness were they dreamy, like ladylike candy floss, but in reality a half size too small. i did however fulfill my pastel appetite with a soft pink blazer from steven alan annex (my new favorite store i can actually shop at.)

pink hair don’t care (had to)



is there a sexier woman in any movie ever than natalie portman in closer wearing that pink wig? no. this is not a place i’m willing to go with my personal style, the bleaching, the killing of hair, the look at me… it just ain’t gonna work with my daily look. however, i did have my husband get into a heated bargain with a street haggler in new york over a baby pink wig a few years back. this wig is stored with my treasured tulles, and costume jewellery for a special night out. new years eve 2014? i don’t know how i could ever feel incomplete if i looked in the mirror and saw soft, delicious, cloudy pink strands surrounding my face.

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