to bang or not bang- the bi-annual question



i’ve gone down this road many times before. my hair feels blah, and needs a lift- bangs seem like a simple solution.

pros: they’ll prompt that change i’m seeking, they soften my face, they add some dimension, they’ll help transition my growing now shoulder length bob, i may become closer to emulating caroline de maigret.

cons: my mom, sister, and i will once again be the three muskateers (they both have bangs and we look alike as it stands, this sets it over the edge), i will eventually want to grow them out and will look like a 90’s preteen sitcom boy for a stage, when the weather gets wet i will have curly bang, i will need to invest in a new blowdryer and round brush.

now that it’s in my head i will inevitably demand my hairdresser to chop away (he will hate the idea, always does) it’s just a matter of how far i go with it, side bang or full bang. i’ll just think caroline de maigret while i’m in that chair.