dining at the bar



my husband makes three reservations per meal when we travel to new cities. he is on a never ending hunt for cool new restaurants. we most often end up at the one that doesn’t take reservations at all and therefor they don’t have a table to give to two nobodies at 9pm on a saturday night. we mosey over to the bar and wait it out, after a few cocktails the hostess often comes up to us with fabulous news, our table is ready. it is at this point that we always look at each other with disappointment… we had been having such a good time sitting at the bar. after duplicating this experience over the years we have come to determine we are bar eaters. it’s the not awkwardly communal, communal table. i happen to enjoy those who eat at the bar as a people. we have taken a tip from our own travels and now opt for bar seating whenever available.