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loup charmant

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i’ve had to forget everything i thought i knew about summer dressing. i am now halfway through my first hot as all heeeyelll florida season and am finally getting the gist of what actually works- in actual heat. the options come down to linen, light cotton, lululemon (desperately trying to not wear workout clothing when i have zero intention of working out.) hats now serve purpose, leather bags feel so wrong, shoes are optional, and denim is strictly reserved for dusk. hence, my newfound appreciation for lifestyle brands that cater to beach life. i love the easy breezy no fuss dresses by loup charmant, so breathable, and fit into my favourite wardrobe category- something like the desk to dinner, but more like dormant to drinks, wear it to bed, add a flat and clutch, don’t mind the wrinkles, and wear it for drinks.

side note: loving the espadrilles sold on the LC website.

this kinda trip

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i was chatting with my friends at tkees yesterday and the conversation naturally led to travel. it got me inspired to pinpoint exactly the type of beachside feel i look for when choosing a destination. i like a relaxed vibe- no missoni coverups and wedges, more like a beachbum tkee (when not barefoot,) a slightly tipsy stance with a linen cover up falling off one shoulder, a damn good playlist… and a striped umbrella never hurts. there are a lot of cool little boutiquy places in and around tulum that are sparking my interest- along with blogstagrammers aplenty.

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