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h(air) dry



Getting a blow dry replaced the ‘going out top.’ It made white tee’s suitable, flats all good- just gave me that sense of a little something more. As my hair grows- slowly but surely- I’ve had much time to ponder my hair goals. Not sure the ‘jo blow’ I invented with my hairdresser a few years back (it’s a slight wave, exhorbatent body at the crown) will evoke the sensation of being ‘done.’ It’s that undone we seek- Contrary to what French girl’s say, air drying doesn’t always prove best, I’d like an air dry option on the menu, not sure how it would be executed but I’d pay for it.

With a little white paint…


It’s around this time I begin to consider what I’d give up for a sweet inviting place to call mine on a patch of greenery, by the lake. Though I’m sure it could spiral into much more, I imagine needing several buckets of white paint, a great flea market, and a little help from my friends, to realize the dream. I picture living quaintly, built in bunks fit for adults, maximizing the small space- baskets of fresh fruit, killer playlists, and fresh white linens… and a dock… and my peeps.

Nili Lotan SS16- highly wearable runway

nili7nili  nili3 nili4 nili5 nili6 NILILO

i scanned this show and immediately wondered if a. i had the materials in my wardrobe to make this happen, b. if i could achieve some of these looks with a little help from the gap, and c. deciding that the black boot is unarguably the most adaptable shoe one can have in their wardrobe- this show further proving it’s versatility, the essential bb flourishes when placed with less typical arrangements (eg. the formalish long black dress, or lightweight white boho number.) i’m all for the chino- and to answer the gap question, i try every season- each time i pull them on with hope- imagine my bragging rights when others ogle at my impossibly perfect find, then, i catch a glimpse of the unfamiliar shape my butt takes on, realizing the gap has not modernized their classic chino, it is still best paired with a merrell – this slightly cropped, drop crotch rendition, may be just the answer. also love the idea of formalizing some of these looks with some silk, sparkle, or a stiletto. but… i’ll be hitting the normcore big box stores, just to make sure they haven’t tweaked their caj wear for the shoppers of today.

white away! a countdown to labour day

white4white5white white2 white3   white6  white9white8  white10white7


white20 white21 white22 white24 white25 white28

yes to winter whites. we know this. no rules- but, after labour day, gone are the easy white on white looks.. they get craftier. a few short days remain until you retire simple summer whites. mine have cholula and coffee stains on them anyway…

everlasting summer

sum12sum13SUMMM82 summmm  sum179 sum20 sum19 sum16 sum15   sum11  sum9 sum8 sum10 sum3sum6  sum4  sum2 sum5sumsum11

sum44 sum55 sum454 sum9283

summer2983Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.50.56 PM

i’ve never wished summer it’s last beating ray of breath- but living in miami throughout- game changer. still very much in tune with my canadian roots, i realize the importance of getting every last drop. enjoy the last week of august. i’ll be over here itching my ankles off (those mosquitos..) drenching my dog in water, looking like a thirsty puddle who once was a girl.

back story

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.01.31 AMback7back11back13back5back10back6 back2 back     back9

i have a birth mark the size of a nickel on my back. i have met with doctors on numerous occasions to get it removed- all have said i’ll land myself with a potentially gnarly purple scar that doubles in size of the original defect. i flip flop on caring about it- the truth is when it’s exposed it feels more unnatural than baring a nipple. however, it’s my brand, a gift from nature, a humbling brown stain. this makes backless a question- not an absolute no- but a definite cogitation.

antonello bags

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.52.24 AManton4anton7Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.54.38 AMant anton2 anton9    anton10  Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.53.06 AM

i don’t have to ask myself twice when i love something… it’s like everything else fades into the background- this new found item takes centre stage, and my role on this earth is to figure out everything about the designer, fabric, accessibility. this is precisely the experience i had with antonello… i moseyed into intermix over the weekend and boom- saw a red and white clutch that i grabbed immediately. took my notes, full well knowing this company was capable of so much more… and they are- oh they are. it’s out of italy, and uses all natural/ sustainable cotton. there are bits and bobs of it available online but i need the entire collection in front of me, all the colors, shapes, weaves, need to touch them. i will have one and love it- just looking for my mate, which unfortunately isn’t just a click away.

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