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Olive Jars

oliveolive2olive3olive6Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.24.39 AMolive8olive9Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.31.35 AMolive10olive11

While I should be researching mattresses… I digress. Prior to having a home I was roaming around and came upon antique olive jars. I ran my hands along one of the large voluptuous beauties and felt an instant connection. I love them in the garden, the bathroom, grouped in corners. So beautiful, looking to collect a few of my own.

h(air) dry



Getting a blow dry replaced the ‘going out top.’ It made white tee’s suitable, flats all good- just gave me that sense of a little something more. As my hair grows- slowly but surely- I’ve had much time to ponder my hair goals. Not sure the ‘jo blow’ I invented with my hairdresser a few years back (it’s a slight wave, exhorbatent body at the crown) will evoke the sensation of being ‘done.’ It’s that undone we seek- Contrary to what French girl’s say, air drying doesn’t always prove best, I’d like an air dry option on the menu, not sure how it would be executed but I’d pay for it.

With a little white paint…


It’s around this time I begin to consider what I’d give up for a sweet inviting place to call mine on a patch of greenery, by the lake. Though I’m sure it could spiral into much more, I imagine needing several buckets of white paint, a great flea market, and a little help from my friends, to realize the dream. I picture living quaintly, built in bunks fit for adults, maximizing the small space- baskets of fresh fruit, killer playlists, and fresh white linens… and a dock… and my peeps.

Nili Lotan SS16- highly wearable runway

nili7nili  nili3 nili4 nili5 nili6 NILILO

i scanned this show and immediately wondered if a. i had the materials in my wardrobe to make this happen, b. if i could achieve some of these looks with a little help from the gap, and c. deciding that the black boot is unarguably the most adaptable shoe one can have in their wardrobe- this show further proving it’s versatility, the essential bb flourishes when placed with less typical arrangements (eg. the formalish long black dress, or lightweight white boho number.) i’m all for the chino- and to answer the gap question, i try every season- each time i pull them on with hope- imagine my bragging rights when others ogle at my impossibly perfect find, then, i catch a glimpse of the unfamiliar shape my butt takes on, realizing the gap has not modernized their classic chino, it is still best paired with a merrell – this slightly cropped, drop crotch rendition, may be just the answer. also love the idea of formalizing some of these looks with some silk, sparkle, or a stiletto. but… i’ll be hitting the normcore big box stores, just to make sure they haven’t tweaked their caj wear for the shoppers of today.

white away! a countdown to labour day

white4white5white white2 white3   white6  white9white8  white10white7


white20 white21 white22 white24 white25 white28

yes to winter whites. we know this. no rules- but, after labour day, gone are the easy white on white looks.. they get craftier. a few short days remain until you retire simple summer whites. mine have cholula and coffee stains on them anyway…

everlasting summer

sum12sum13SUMMM82 summmm  sum179 sum20 sum19 sum16 sum15   sum11  sum9 sum8 sum10 sum3sum6  sum4  sum2 sum5sumsum11

sum44 sum55 sum454 sum9283

summer2983Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.50.56 PM

i’ve never wished summer it’s last beating ray of breath- but living in miami throughout- game changer. still very much in tune with my canadian roots, i realize the importance of getting every last drop. enjoy the last week of august. i’ll be over here itching my ankles off (those mosquitos..) drenching my dog in water, looking like a thirsty puddle who once was a girl.

caught in the wwake

ww4wwakewwScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.18.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.21.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.21.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.21.44 PM  ww1 ww2 ww3  ww5  wwake2 wwake3 wwake4 wwake5 wwake7

proving the rule that the best things come in small packages. i love all of the pretty little things going on at wwake. an excellent brand to get your ear curation down (they all come as separates… snaps to that.) hands look right stacked up with these mini delights as well. the dainty jewelry game is still on point- with so many breeds out there the unique twist is welcomed- opals ain’t eva looked so good.

intermingled marbles

mixedmix3marble4444marbbb marble4 mixed17mixed181    mix4 mix6 mix38

i’ve had this file going for a while… i haven’t posted it because i have yet to come to any final decisions or statements on the matter of mixing thy marbles. however, it comes to mind too often not to post. there’s something there. sort of how the recycled reclaimed wood wall became a statement, the idea of using marble in a similar way seems like a contemporary answer to the random scraps of unique stones left behind (also maybe even cost efficient.) the vision is very well executed amongst the celine stores around the globe- love the contrasting marble cubes, and walls throughout.

built for sitting

built3  built4 built5built51 built7 built10 built2019builtinbuilt16seat5

built14 built15built11seat5 copy   built91 built192 built711 built1122   seat seat2

when i was in greece i stayed in this house on a tiny island called hydra. upon first entrance i was filled with curiosity and awe as to how the architect built all the little nooks for living within the house. beds were built in, kitchen, sofas, from what i remember most furniture in general was part of the structure. i think it’s an interesting space solution, have seen it mostly in bench style outdoors, but i like the idea of taking it inside, a sofa in a den, a sectional in a living room, a reading nook in a bedroom, could give a space a touch of european vacation home feel- with chic casual customization.

Michelle Williams for LV

louis3louis5louis1LOUISScreen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.18.29 PMLOUIS3

my home skillet jenn just turned my attention to the new LV campaign. i’ve been loving michelle williams in this spot since it began. styled by carine roitfeld, shot by peter lindbergh- holy stunning. i have been in contemplation as to how i will transition from pixie to long hair (when the time comes, not yet.) michelle williams has grown out oh so gracefully, and though my locks will never have that wisp, she’s a strong contester as my grow-out muse. also, amazing makeup, i wanna be blond just to have a natural dark brow, with a touch of root.

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