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based on steel… or chrome… or a variation of the two

chrome7chrome FRANZ2chrome2 chrome3 chrome4 chrome5 chrome6  chrome9  chrome21 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.08.36 AMchrome22 chrome23 chrome25 chrome26 chrome27  FRANZchrome28  chrome45 chrome46  Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.58.03 AM

chrome more shiny… steel, often brushed, a little less polished- both apply to the point in case. this post is credited to my mom for professing her love for the brno chair- it sparked my interest. our conversation then went on to discuss how couches must be based with thin metal legs if there is a leg, no clunkity wood blocks- but that is not this post, and also way obvious. regardless, these chairs have a modern yet retro appeal and add another element that is as easy to work in to the mix as your whites, neutrals, woods, and marbles.

norman cherner chair

chern11chern9chair chern chern2 chern3 chern14chern4 chern6 chern7  chern10  Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.14.31 AM

i’ve been noticing this chair popping up all over the place. personally, my fave is the one with the arms… i like it as an accent rather than a set. it would look good sitting on the side lines cradling a small stack of books, at a desk, as the head of a table- i just love it’s curves and smooth finish.

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