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norman cherner chair

chern11chern9chair chern chern2 chern3 chern14chern4 chern6 chern7  chern10  Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.14.31 AM

i’ve been noticing this chair popping up all over the place. personally, my fave is the one with the arms… i like it as an accent rather than a set. it would look good sitting on the side lines cradling a small stack of books, at a desk, as the head of a table- i just love it’s curves and smooth finish.

sitting in chairs



a good chair is like a purse or shoe, the accessory that’s worth the investment. when you see it you know you have to have. in my apartment i don’t have any extra room for a statement chair, sunday mornings with the newspaper feel incomplete without my dream sitting spot and perfect complimentary floor light combo.

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