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black on black not technically a color, unequivocally a style

black4 black2 black3 black

posting on a saturday evening is not my norm but i came across these seductive photos and thought there’s no better time. they’re clipped from the cr fashion book’s 5th issue. i typically gravitate to more relaxed styles but when/if i find the occasion to dress like a sophisticated alluring woman i shall use this editorial as my inspiration. love the photography and styling- so refined. black on black, fine fabrics, and a perfectly placed slit- yes please.

layered denim



loving this editorial shot by billy kidd, styled by michaela dosmantes for the CR fashion book. a levi’s denim jacket is one of the most versatile garments, always standing the test of time. under a wool coat, tied around the waist, juxtaposed with an otherwise formal dress or skirt, draped, tied, hung, or completing the canadian tuxedo- every guy, gal, granny, farmer, city folk, has their own spin on the classic… i have a couple myself but hate to admit each has a minor imperfection (too bulky, too 80s, too oversized..) one day i’ll find my perfect blue jean jacket mate-  these photos have helped me dream up new ways to repurpose, and camouflage their deficiencies. 

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