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introducing your mom to your boyfriend- a denim story

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they’re not saggy in the bum, they’re sometimes cropped, slightly relaxed, potentially high waisted, truly blue- no stretch- pure denim. meet the new jean. it’s kind of a hybrid between a levi’s 501 and a boyfriend. i’m into the wider sorts, too short wides as well, ankle skimming slims, belt bound waist huggers- loving how high stretch skinnies have gotten the boot. these are fresh- a little tougher to find a good fit- but so worth the trial and error.

denim denim all the time



yummy denim all the time. i’m missing my ripped up jeans this winter- had i been a little more on the ball i would have patched a pair up. loving all these worked in soft looking indigos, my guess is these linen japanese dyed looking things (a la jenna lyon’s scarf) are going to be the next ‘it’ fabric on the body and in the home.

indigo blues



what doesn’t go with denim? exactly why it seems so natural to make it a staple in the home. i’m especially intrigued by these organic, indigo dyed textiles. i’d like to drape one of those around myself and then throw it on my couch for decoration when i walk through the door.

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