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pillows: repurposed as seats for sitting

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I’m a big advocate for little touches that create an easy, carefree atmosphere. i also typically gravitate to the sort of human who’d be open to situating themselves on the floor. thus, making the floor pillow the perfect, *a. social experiment, b. decor detail (*this excludes all people who are unable to participate based on medical conditions, including but not limited to, barry’s boot camp thigh burns, sledgehammer hangovers, pregnancy, etc.) i like the idea of three, quite large square cushions (maybe in slightly different sizes) covered in faded black, elephant grey, and mushroom beige linen, sprawled on my living room floor. perhaps a diy in my nearish future.

DIYing crafternoon



i’ve once travelled down the road of DIY (do it yourself.) it turned into hiring somebody else to follow the DIY shelving i found on pinterest- worked out great FYI, but i did not feel the sense of accomplishment had i completed the task on my own. painting leaves is more my speed, building furniture is for the fine tuned folk. i clip photos of things i regard as within my reach- generally i find the DIY tutorials are in collage form which i have a strong aversion to pinning (aren’t their like a billion on buzzfeed that have turned into disasters anyway?) i’ve decided an image is enough to hit the streets of google if i must, or council my sister (creative, no task too big blessed being.) the weekend is a perfect time to start- i’d like to get my craft hat on, could result in some exciting new home wares, and if nothing else a therapeutic afternoon.

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