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70’s on the street

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while shuffling through the FFW15 street pics i came across and exorbitant amount of 70’s inspired garb: fringe, suede, patchwork, higher waists, silk scarves, plaid, snakeskin, go go boots, a rainbow of browns, and rusty orange. i happen to love the palette of this era, and will have no problemo infusing my wardrobe with a little more suede. peel your vintage eyes if you’re skilled in this department- just because phoebe cut that celine cloth doesn’t mean the real thing isn’t out there. look out for: vintage skin bags, scarves aplenty, fringed goodies, belted coats.

fringed fashion



fringe could be the next sequin- that little bit of pizazz added to what could’ve been a mundane day. how could anything go wrong when you can twirl around showcasing little strings of glory waving in the wind? in my teens i went to cuba with a bunch of girlfriends- three out of the five of us fell in love with cuban men for the week. my friend jo (we are two jo’s that ride together often referred to as jo squared) chose a partner in a man named rudy. on our final night he he showed up to the disco and with a smile filled with the whitest teeth, and even whiter silk fringed pants proclaimed “tonight, my pants, they dance with me.” 

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