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taking a plunge

plungr4plunge12plunge plunge2 plunge5plunge19plunge11 plunge6 plunge7 plunge8 plunge9 plunge10   plunge13 Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 3.15.36 PMplunge15

if you’re not playing water polo, or butterflying your way to fit- what more do you need than a basic little plunge pool? it’s certainly an option if your outdoor space is limited- big dreams can be accomplished- in a pleasant little body of water. i think they’re charming, euro, less is more, a therapeutic accompaniment to a chic little garden. so what if every kid on the block isn’t begging for access?

using sails for shade

SAIL2Hotel Su Gologone in OlienaSAILsail6  sail2sail3  sail7 sail9 sail10 sail13

now i’m no sailor, nor handy person… but this seems like an easy/economical way to cover an area whether it be temporary or not. i’m guessing it can be done with any weather proof material. a more relaxed droopy delivery is great for a casual vibe, and a taut rendition more architectural and modern. with patio season abrew i’d strongly consider the sail shade, shade sail, sail canopy, whatever you call ’em.

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