the golden tidbits within the globes

Julianne Moorelet us not take for granted juliane’s natural approach to hollywood glam. love her authenticity through and through.

onesiebig eyes makes a strong case for the onesie in her lanvin number. i’m into the peacock like side rump.

glovestacey london’s long lost sister aka clooney’s closet keeper aka amal clooney is pulling off the evening glove rather nicely. i’ve actually been contemplating hand/arm wear for black tie and her statement is no deterrent.

shob2always nice catching up with sienna. i predict the shears will be sharpened round the globe for the shob (short bob.) just when most were embracing their lob (long bob,) in anticipation of the next hair move, off come the locks yet again.


i mean it’s a glitter train sweeping the red carpet… so yes…

contempjemima can do no wrong. of course she wore rosie assoulin. of course it wasn’t the most flattering. obviously her fingers were adorned with tiny rings, and no doubt she kept the same earrings in that she’s been wearing on the daily. she’s so cool, what appears ombré is a legit grown out dye job.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.32.34 AMi found myself very attracted to the mix of yellow and green with red lip. each item individually- not so wowed- but i’ll give leslie mann the contrasting color win of the night.

couplethese two are just delightful.

braidwhy aren’t there better shots of leto’s hair moment? there should have been a camera on that boundary breaking braid all night long. see ya later man bun.

crookeda confirmation that sometimes the strive for perfection is all to embrace the imperfections within. kudos to wes for just letting that crooked bow tie be…

walkingstickbesides the caricature of himself issue going on, it all get’s swept aside for the love of that gosh dang crystal encrusted walking stick.