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mnz store- i want to be you

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i posted about the photographs on maryam nassir zadeh’s online shop a little while back (link.) i’m beginning to think this website may be all i need for style inspiration. i am absolutely obsessed with these looks. i love how they manage to tomboy sequins, and pink. i also love the subtle details that make them so real i.e. arm hair, thin nose ring, imperfect bob- they are magnificently executed. the shop also happens to be a masterful curation of desirable clothing and accessories. i haven’t come across photographs that inspire my street style desires as consistently. might i declare these ensembles to be the ultimate ‘man repelling’ (which i happen to believe means- the RIGHT kinda man luring, or, rather, ‘douchebag decoding.’)

golden goose



my friend lindsi walked into dinner last night wearing what in my books is the perfect jean. they look like vintage, no stretch, no brand, casual real denim. when i asked her where? how? who? I was hoping to here gap, yesterday, $75, but no… it was golden goose, TNT, one pair left in your size, $500. this brand is haunting me. first i fall in love with their high ticket skater sneaker, then the cowboy boot, now the denim? all items i like to think i can fish out of a five dollar bin at a vintage store. golden goose looks so authentic, vans, frye, and gap would take decades to work into this goodness.

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