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gucci gucci

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this is how i envision coming out of the best clothing swap ever. it’s like the revenge of the geeky maximalist. perhaps how the modern laney boggs would reveal to FPJ in she’s all that- wehay better ending. it’s like the vintage you’ll never find, the librarian of your dreams, wee sing in sillyville (does anyone else know that childhood gem?) in 6 inch heels, i mean glasses encrusted in jewels? those neck pins? the ties paired with brocade? clear is a bell, there was a game change brewing, those furry mules warming every fashion person’s feet from show to show.

house of gucci




i read ‘the house of gucci: a sensational story of murder, madness, glamour, and greed” a few years ago, the book was no better than the title- pretty much a soap opera in print, truth is i got through it. other than details on the disfunction of the gucci family (making my own seem like the cleaver’s) the book left me longing for the old days of gucci and gave me the urge to run out and buy a pair of gucci loafers. the hyped up glam that normally comes down the gucci does not suit my style, i’m loving this casual 60s throwback. the boots are out of control cool.

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