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h(air) dry



Getting a blow dry replaced the ‘going out top.’ It made white tee’s suitable, flats all good- just gave me that sense of a little something more. As my hair grows- slowly but surely- I’ve had much time to ponder my hair goals. Not sure the ‘jo blow’ I invented with my hairdresser a few years back (it’s a slight wave, exhorbatent body at the crown) will evoke the sensation of being ‘done.’ It’s that undone we seek- Contrary to what French girl’s say, air drying doesn’t always prove best, I’d like an air dry option on the menu, not sure how it would be executed but I’d pay for it.

the artistry of leto’s locks



my friend jenn texted my yesterday saying ” next time i go to the hair dresser i’m bringing a picture of jared leto–just sayin.” she stole the thoughts from my brain, beats from my heart, words from my lips. just as everyone has finally snipped the last remnants of their ombre proclaiming ¬†hair health, and stylist get used to clients paying for a full dye job, jared leto shows up with this coif of pure beauty. jenn said it best “i want that dirty ombre.” don’t we all, after getting through the two year span dye free i’m now questioning… should i go there too?

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