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hats hats hats hats… i love beanies, thick brimmed, touques, bonnets, berets,  baseball, straw, hoods – really love anything that can mask unkempt hair and add a little zing to otherwise simple attire. i am looking forward to experimenting with the thick brimmed felt hat this coming fall. i’m thinking a little visit to dundas west’s vintage shops will fill the void- i like a good topper with some history to it, living on the lice factor edge. it’s a character building accessory really, and i figure by building a solid collection there’s potential for an out of control hat wall in my home’s entrance.

are brimmed hats for d bags?



whenever i try on a wool panama hat of sorts (which has been many) i take it off because somehow it seems a little too try hard. last week i worked on a shoot with a theme of rock and roll, for the shoot we bought a vintage black wide brimmed hat and when we placed it on the male model who had shoulder length hair he instantly morphed into character. i have come to the conclusion that perhaps a worn in hat comes across more authentic- listen it all has to be right because if it’s not a hat can be an epic disaster, making one look like a tourist on robertson pretending to be someone. the other dilemma is once it’s on your head you’re kinda stuck with it for the day- i plan on testing these waters- maybe starting with a short jaunt so i’m not too committed. 

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