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Olive Jars

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While I should be researching mattresses… I digress. Prior to having a home I was roaming around and came upon antique olive jars. I ran my hands along one of the large voluptuous beauties and felt an instant connection. I love them in the garden, the bathroom, grouped in corners. So beautiful, looking to collect a few of my own.

With a little white paint…


It’s around this time I begin to consider what I’d give up for a sweet inviting place to call mine on a patch of greenery, by the lake. Though I’m sure it could spiral into much more, I imagine needing several buckets of white paint, a great flea market, and a little help from my friends, to realize the dream. I picture living quaintly, built in bunks fit for adults, maximizing the small space- baskets of fresh fruit, killer playlists, and fresh white linens… and a dock… and my peeps.

newsprint and vegan oreos

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I like boiled whitefish, my hips are tight, and am an avid crossworder. Maybe I’m hardwired in dog years? To get the crossword, I’ll do most anything. I subscribed to the Toronto Star solely for the purpose of puzzling, trashing the rest, and reading other publications online, I’ve noted coffee shops in other cities where I can sit and synonymize with the purchase of one everlasting espresso shot, I’ve considered brokering deals with my neighbour whereby I purchase their day old papers at a discounted price, and I’ve stolen… When I was living in my in-laws golf community, I took the crossword out of a few papers that piled up in the driveway of a house across the street (they must have been away, there was about a week’s worth)- in other words I thieved the elderly’s sport right from their property- let’s call this rock bottom. Stores sell papers. Seems like a rip off. They sell books of them- absolute no. Printers and internet an option too- blugh, that’s like telling Keith Richard’s to play guitar hero. Having one puzzle a day is the only way to expand my brain and force myself to complete, I need the crunch of the newspaper beneath the blade of my hand, and a felt tip pen (pencils are for non committal rookies.) I have been crossword free for a few days now… Time to get back in the game.

p.s. FYI Oreo’s are Vegan- chew on that… mentally, not physically. Unbelievable how one can misconstrue the way in which to achieve Beyonce’s ass.

mood: cold brew and almond breeze

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the rustic bread board

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it’s sunday funday brunchday- honestly… i’m actually not a bruncher. however… if i were to purchase a crusty bread for loved ones to enjoy, i would like to serve it on one of these boards. if i had no guests, i’d be happy to leave it displayed leaning against the wall of my kitchen counter. they’re good for chopping, serving, displaying… a few different sizes look right together- maybe one with cheese, another with baguette, a third with charcuterie. love the look- love the function.

built for sitting

built3  built4 built5built51 built7 built10 built2019builtinbuilt16seat5

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when i was in greece i stayed in this house on a tiny island called hydra. upon first entrance i was filled with curiosity and awe as to how the architect built all the little nooks for living within the house. beds were built in, kitchen, sofas, from what i remember most furniture in general was part of the structure. i think it’s an interesting space solution, have seen it mostly in bench style outdoors, but i like the idea of taking it inside, a sofa in a den, a sectional in a living room, a reading nook in a bedroom, could give a space a touch of european vacation home feel- with chic casual customization.

slatted in

slat slat2 slat3 slat4 slat5 slat6 slat20slat7 slat8 slat9 slat26slat10 slat11 slat12 slat13  slat24 slat25  slat28

i’m seeing a lot of slatting these days- perhaps the modern decorators answer to the reclaimed wood wall? i particularly like it as a fence option- further, am attracted to it painted a soft black. what’s nice is it creates some concealment without sacrificing natural light. i think it’s also an interesting option for window shutters, looks right in a bathroom, and a nice textured element for the garden.

based on steel… or chrome… or a variation of the two

chrome7chrome FRANZ2chrome2 chrome3 chrome4 chrome5 chrome6  chrome9  chrome21 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.08.36 AMchrome22 chrome23 chrome25 chrome26 chrome27  FRANZchrome28  chrome45 chrome46  Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.58.03 AM

chrome more shiny… steel, often brushed, a little less polished- both apply to the point in case. this post is credited to my mom for professing her love for the brno chair- it sparked my interest. our conversation then went on to discuss how couches must be based with thin metal legs if there is a leg, no clunkity wood blocks- but that is not this post, and also way obvious. regardless, these chairs have a modern yet retro appeal and add another element that is as easy to work in to the mix as your whites, neutrals, woods, and marbles.

in the raw- a piece on wood

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i’m very attracted to photos with natural wood elements these days. in particular, loving the stair au natural, a built in shelving unit, obv a wide plank floor, and open to much more… brings natural warmth to a minimal space.

rattan referendum

rattan23rattan15rattan21Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.14.41 AMrattan rattan2 rattan3 rattan4  rattan6 rattan7 rattan9 rattan11 rattan12 rattan13  rattan16 rattan17 rattan19 rattan20  rattan22  rattan24 rattan27 rattan28 rattan29 Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.47.59 AM

i’m in full support of the rattan redux movement. i love it’s versatility- adds a warm organic feel indoors and out. beyond it’s natural beauty it’s a pretty economical way to represent your laissez faire style. i’m feeling a lot of global inspired colourful renditions will be coming our way in the trend circuit. mix it with modern, keep it relaxed, chic it up with black paint- anything goes.

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