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farmer’s market saturday

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Kitchen Island


it’s here! my favourite day and portion of day- saturday late morning/early afternoon. we go to the farmer’s market in coconut grove- it’s all vegan, all organic, and soo abundant. piles of produce, rows of grains, beans, teas, raw goodies, you name it. get’s me dreaming of coming home to a kitchen conducive to displaying/storing all my natural treasures. i tend to go for modern kitchens, but in my future home i’d love to find a way to marry modern with a farmer’s market feel. open shelving would help, maybe a wall of baskets, an island with crate like drawers, enormous shallow wood bowls. just somewhere to pile my gourds, and ripen my peaches- is that so much to ask?

the rustic bread board

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it’s sunday funday brunchday- honestly… i’m actually not a bruncher. however… if i were to purchase a crusty bread for loved ones to enjoy, i would like to serve it on one of these boards. if i had no guests, i’d be happy to leave it displayed leaning against the wall of my kitchen counter. they’re good for chopping, serving, displaying… a few different sizes look right together- maybe one with cheese, another with baguette, a third with charcuterie. love the look- love the function.

hone thy stone

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i’m really attracted to honed finishes, they have such a natural appeal, also so silky soft to touch. although, perhaps a little more maintenance, i’d say well worth it. to me, one of those obvious choices- can’t imagine having gone for a polished finish- would i ever have? i’ll say there was a point when i would’ve opted for a high gloss paint- those days way gone too, matte all the way. everything looks so dreamy, almost like a permanent slightly blurred filter creating a serene lightness.

the anti minimal kitchen

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controlled clutter is an element i fully welcome in the kitchen. for maximum productivity i believe a chef’s work is much more conducive to being in close proximity to their apparatus, grab a pot from overhead, snatch a wooden spoon to smack the hand of impatient tasters. i like the look of a sleek streamlined kitchen (and myself am not exactly mario batali) but feel when my creative juices get flowing, a warmer room, cooperative of tomato sauce spills would be more inspiring grounds to create.

stainless in the chef’s lair



last night my husband cooked an impromptu meal for my friend and i. it’s shocking when the one you reside with and have come to know so well pulls a skill out of their back pocket that you haven’t yet it explored. it got me dreaming that he would hone this skill and become a master chef putting our most frequent debate over what to dine on each night to permanent rest. this inspired my morning hunt for images of what a real chef prefers, which led me to stainless steel- i love the look of stainless when it’s softened with the right design elements, on it’s own it can look a little too industrial/surgical but with some wood or impeccable paint choices it’s functional and laid back.

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