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hanging lights at new heights

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i was in a clothing store yesterday and amidst the display was a super modern table with an extremely low hanging massive chandelier hung so low practically sat on the centre of the table. Later, I drove by a design store and noticed to asymmetrically hung light fixtures almost grazing the floor. although both for display purposes, and not so functional for actual living, it sparked my intrigue. i like the idea of a big light fixture hung low in a not so traffic heavy area of the home, over tables or against walls always being a good choice. i’ll suggest the higher the ceiling, the lower the furniture the easier the look is to pull off.

essential apparatus

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i was introduced to apparatus studio a few weeks back. i am always contemplating the balance of spend vs splurge for the home. lighting is crucial in both mood setting, and accessorizing the home. if you pick the right fixtures they can absolutely be forever pieces. i love the mix of materials the designers use- they look vintage, meets modern, meets industrial- they have a perfectly imperfect quality. i’m particularly drawn to their sconces (not to belittle the others) it’s just wall lighting has always been an area of struggle for me- these unquestionably hit the mark.

natural light at the right price

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paper lanterns are showing up in a lot of beautiful photos. when sorrounded surrounded with the right decor elements they’re quite effortless and natural looking- i particularly like them slightly oversized (too small and they can look plain chintzy.) best part is you can head over to china town and grab it for less than a couple of cold pressed juices. alternatively, i’m also digging the koushi lamp by mark eden schooley- it has a simple frame wrapped with cotton- kind of reminiscent of those flaming lanterns ubiquitous on pinterest wedding boards. the real deal runs a few more benji’s but here’s a diy link.

koush10cott8 koush2 koush3 koush4 koush5  koushi Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.50.14 AM

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