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linen with some stripe

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i love the rustic, effortless feel of striped linen. i go through fazes of clothing- whereby pieces become uniform for weeks- sleep, eat, blog, all but shower in my chosen second skin. this month, it has been an oversized striped linen, cp shades ,knee length dress (some call moo moo- i believe it has an ever so subtle aline shape that saves it from that unrefined title.) has that paris flea feel, the one stripes on linen tend to emote. pillows, throws, table cloths, curtains, bed spread- whatevs always a good choice to blend into the mix.

linened beds

linen12linen23 linen21 linen21 copy linen20 linen19 linen16 linen15 linen14 linen13  linen10 linen9 linen8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA linen6 linen5 linen2 linen

i am so bad at pressing sheets that i’ve never even tried. ergo linen is the perfect solution. i love the undone natural look of these beds, they’ve got a bottomless coffee, windows open, newspapers scattered, paris sunday afternoon feeling. linen in general is one of my favoured fabrics, can’t really go wrong. happy weekend- here’s to staying in bed just a little bit longer.

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