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low rider

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i’m not one for cars. but i gather if i had to had to pick i’d go for an old porsche or sl- feel the bumps on the road, cruise nice and low. i like things near to the ground- i suppose there’s some kind of psychological explanation for this- but whatever that may be- just feels comfortable. this transfers into every category of life- beds low, seats low, some tables low- but wait… ceilings high.

rolling out of bed



a couple of years ago i stayed at the standard hotel in the meatpacking. aside from monitoring my nudity in the privacy of my own room (the hotel has infamous windows that those strolling on the high line can see directly into at night) the beds were on the ground, i could smell the carpet from my slumber. in a hotel setting this was my main complaint- i vowed to never discredit the benefit of a proper hotel bed again. regardless of that scarring experience with low beds i’m willing to reevaluate in my own home (at least i am familiar with all the naked feet that have been in or around my pillow.) to my friend quinn who asked advice on what type of bed she should buy for her new apartment my answer is, maybe no bed at all, just a mattress on the floor.

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