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white away! a countdown to labour day

white4white5white white2 white3   white6  white9white8  white10white7


white20 white21 white22 white24 white25 white28

yes to winter whites. we know this. no rules- but, after labour day, gone are the easy white on white looks.. they get craftier. a few short days remain until you retire simple summer whites. mine have cholula and coffee stains on them anyway…

colorfur rainbow


my husbands late bubbie was known for having impeccable taste for all of the good things (fur, jewels, more is more is more) the family says she was reminiscent of elizabeth taylor. my mother in law’s closet is filled with amazing treasures bubbie left behind. one of my favourite items that further confirmed her lavish taste is a baby pink mink scarf. i believe it was cut from a coat and of course there are baby pink fur cuffs as well. every time i see my mother in law wearing this fabulous scarf it makes me want to go on the hunt for some colored furs of my very own- these are all some modern takes popping up on the scene these days.

lifted levi’s


does this mean we can all stand up and be proud in our cottage jeans at night? or walk the streets in the daytime wearing brilliant footwear without feeling like a prissy try hard? the answer is both. i stand behind this style- i feel all of us who get it feel like we invented it, like a torn up jean and beautiful shoe make complete sense. i am aware that to men this appears awkward, ridiculous- why spend all that money on nice shoes to pair them with the most unattractive jeans ever made. doesn’t matter, putting this style aside would be like me asking them to reject a heady brew in an irish pub on a Super Bowl sunday.

skirts from A to Knee


how does it happen all of the sudden? skirts were always the separate dresses that caused confusion and posed outfit complications i couldn’t be bothered with. instantly they seem so easy- not only so easy, also the only answer. i’d risk my calves in toronto winter for them, i’ll pair them with most sweaters i own, heck i’ll wear them over my pants if i have to- and i’ll look like a gosh darn lady the whole time.

isa arfen


if i celebrated christmas, and i worked in an office i would walk into my office christmas party and while donning isa arfen my outfit would say ‘i’m the boss now.’ just when you think there hasn’t been anything new in contemporary since the beginnings of lim and wang in comes a new player to the game. this collection makes me wish i were a designer. i am especially loving the long sheer white shirt idea- it feels like an updated cher horowitz in the best way.

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