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mansur gavriel broke the internet… again

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just when you’re breaking in your bucket bag arrived after a 2 year waitlist…. they release a shoe line. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel accomplished exactly what most fashion girls (at least this one) dream of. executing one perfect product. their modest bag hit the mark big time- decent price point, natural, simple, refined… everyone noticed- was willing to prepay… and wait. they’re now extending into footwear and have added a few more bag shapes- WHAT- that big round, feels like a squashed hat bag- old school- yet modern. their shoes come in more colours than essie and opi combined- i vote for the suede mules with a block heel (perhaps in peach…) race is on gals- fat chance on most of us getting them on our feet before next december.

bucket lis bag- mansur gavriel



it’s refreshing to be yearning for a bag that is not by a mainstream designer with a massively obnoxious price tag. i appreciate the simplicity of it, i almost wish it didn’t have a coloured liner and remained utterly minimalist. if there is a santa clause taking letters from jewish girls i’d be happy to send him one asking to please fulfill my bucket list bag wishes- i’ll take the black bucket, and i’ll wear a white shirt and jeans with it, and getting dressed that day will look and feel effortless.

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